Do you have an assistant? 
I mostly shoot alone, but depending on your package choice I can bring any number of assistants to make sure your event is well covered.  The “R” in K&R, my husband Russell, has been known to be an able assistant on occasion.

Are you open to a list of must-have pictures? 
Of course—many brides have requested details of their dress bodices, church exteriors, and their cakes, as well as a list of family members and friends they’d like to include in photos.

Many brides ask to re-create exact photos from other weddings.  I am open to this—but first and foremost, I want to capture the unique moments from your day.  When we meet to discuss your wedding, we’ll go over possible scenarios so that you have a custom arrangement that is perfect for your day.

I’m getting married outside of the Washington, DC area.  Will you travel?
YES!  Have passport, will travel: I will travel out of state and country for weddings.

Do you shoot in black & white, color, or both? 
I photograph all weddings digitally: this allows ultimate flexibility in processing, whether you want color, black and white, or a mix of several photo effects.  Another plus: shooting digitally allows me to shoot thousands of images!

What kinds of cameras do you use?  
I currently use four Professional Digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera bodies (Canon 5D). I keep all cameras and equipment with me on your day so nothing is missed due to a camera malfunction.

Do you retouch the photos? 
During processing I edit all photos for absolute clarity and beauty.  If you would like further retouching on a photo, we can arrange that for a small fee.

Why do you enjoy shooting weddings, families, babies, etc.? 
I have always loved photography.  When I was looking for a photographer for my own wedding, I was surprised by the prices. Given my history with photography I thought, "I could do this" and it turns out to be the truth! Some of the best advice I’ve received has been, "to find the ideal career for you, find something that you would do for free, and get paid for it" and with photography I’ve found it!

I feel honored to be a part of some of the greatest moments in peoples’ lives.  I have clients who start as engaged couples, and before I know it I am photographing their wedding, babies, and families.  I love that through my lens I can make any subject beautiful and interesting, and that clients have their wonderful memories captured forever.